Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cyclop - CQL3 web based editor for Cassandra

I've developed web based CQL3 editor:

The idea is, to deploy it once and have simple and comfortable CQL3 interface over web - without need to install anything.
The editor itself supports code completion, not only for CQL syntax, but also based on database content. So for example the select statement will suggest tables from active keyspace, or within where-closure only columns from table provided after "select from"

The results are displayed in reversed table - rows horizontally and columns vertically. It seems to be more natural for column oriented database.

You can also export query results to CSV, or add query as browser bookmark, send it to another developer to share results, tweeter might not be the  best idea ;)

The whole application is based on wicket + bootstrap + spring and can be deployed in any web 3.0 container.

 Here is the project (open source):