Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cyclop 1.4 has been released!

Latest Cyclop release addresses 23 issues, the full list can be found here. Here are the most important:
  • query history inclusive free text search
  • increased contrast for table headers - both row and column names
  • links showing full column content has been replaced with icons
  • mouse over does not highlight whole table row, but only column values - table header on the left has been removed from highlighting
  • blue horizontal separator between common and dynamic columns appears only of there is something to be separated
  • spell checker is disabled in query editor
  • green CQL-Completion-Hint in top right corner is being closed after query has been executed, so it does not overlap on results table. It will reappear after user starts typing again
  • test coverage has been significantly improved 
  • Findbugs is active, inclusive JSR 305 annotations
  • data validation on service level based on Bean Validation (JSR 303) and custom AOP framework - here is an example. It validates method input parameters and also returned values, so the service gets only validated data, and the client validated response from the service
  • CSV import

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